Due to the need to install masts in urban areas, ensuring their correct and safe installation seems to be a very important issue. Today, with the expansion of the use of Internet services and mass media, there is a need to expand the appropriate infrastructure. . One of these equipments, which is especially used for telecommunication services, is telecommunication towers. Proper installation of the rig and observing the rules in this field can ensure the safety of the rig

Due to the high height of the masts and being affected by the wind, their anchors at the support site are high and the base plate and foundation used for them must be designed according to this load.

Installation of internet towers and towers of telecommunication companies such as Irancell, Hamrah Aval and… are different from telecommunication towers and towers used for traffic control cameras. Due to the need to use these masts in urban areas and neighborhoods and at relatively close distances, as well as the need to install them at a height for better performance, these masts are usually installed on the roofs of residential houses.

To install these towers, usually try to install them on the roofs of tall buildings in the area. But installing them will face challenges. These challenges include technical issues in addition to finding a suitable location for installation

As mentioned, Internet masts that are installed on the roof of houses usually do not weigh much, however, due to their height, under the load of the wind may cause significant anchorage in them. For this reason, in order to ensure their proper performance, planting should be done in sufficient numbers and in compliance with the rules of the regulations.