Lightning is one of the dangerous hazards when it comes to the contact of humans or any electrical and electronic equipment. When lightning strikes the building it causes massive damages because of high static current directly come into the contact of the buildings. In those cases, if anything living or non-living comes into contact it will cause direct harm. In order to avoid these situations, we use Lightning arresters to minimize this risk. A lightning arrester is an arrangement where lightning receives a path to get earth.

A lightning arrestor is one of the important parameters for building in order to avoid damages during lightning and thundering. It is also important to protect human during lightning and thundering. We have a specialized team for a lightning solution. We install lightning arrestor according to the building compatibility. borj bartar follows the IS, BIS, IEC, NBC standards when it comes to the efficiency and security of the product. Recommend the best and standard quality product to our client in order to avoid future flaws.

Proper lightning protection through lightning arrestor consists of Air-terminal, down-conductor, and low resistance earthing system.

Price is also one of the important parameters in a commercial building; in that case, we also have an arrangement where the economical and durable product can also be benefited in bulk quantity. We also have an arrangement of High-quality premium products which adds significant value to your buildings.

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